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The technicians who formed the nucleus that led to the founding of ASSAP were too often perplexed by the inaccuracy of some producers and many designers in the specific field of the production and application of hollow core floors.
For these reasons, ASSAP began thinking of writing a “manual” in which to state the principles for the correct design and application of this universally known component, which is sometimes not fully appreciated owing to preconceptions and improper applications.
The book you are now reading is thus a complete compendium, perhaps even too detailed, but undoubtedly useful, of important information providing in-depth knowledge of the hollow core floor and its prefabricated component which is the prestressed hollow core slab.
The purpose of this publication is thus to provide designers, producers and users of hollow core floors with an instrument to assist them in finding solutions to problems they come across professionally, problems that must be solved by bringing together theory and codes with correct constructive intuition taking into account the real necessities of practical construction work.
Over the years, designers have developed many innovative engineering solutions in the use of this prefabricated element. These must be well understood before its special characteristics can be fully exploited while mantaining safe structural conditions and complying with the rules of good building practice.
With this publication, ASSAP, has brought together the general design criteria, which have been amply verified experimentally, to provide designers with a practical instrument for use when dealing with all morphological types of hollow core slabs. Methods of calculation are standardized and practical rules for implementation in conformity with Italian and European codes now in force are given.

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